Get Good Data


You want to celebrate student growth, plan instruction, and differentiate student support. Using data can help accomplish this, but only if the data you have are reliable. The most important thing you can do to get accurate data is prepare students for the Diagnostic and motivate them to put forth their best effort. Check out the tips and tools below to help get good data on the Diagnostic!

Get Organized

To ensure that you get good Diagnostic data, it is important to review schedules, gather materials, and get the testing space organized.


Prepare and Energize Students

One of the most critical steps for getting accurate results is to make sure students put forth their best effort while taking the Diagnostic. Before administering the Diagnostic, use the following resources to energize students, review expectations, and set goals.


Actively Proctor

Actively monitor students as they are taking the test. Provide encouragement if you see them struggling or reward them as they work through it. Watch out for students who may be rushing by monitoring alerts and reviewing student progress.


Track Completion

Students have a 21-day window to complete the Diagnostic. To make sure everyone is on track, it is important to review i-Ready student alerts and overall progress on the Diagnostic.


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