Leading Your Implementation

Organized, engaged, and reflective leaders are a crucial part of a successful i-Ready implementation. By outlining plans, goals, and actions for the year, you become prepared to energize students and staff around getting good data and achieving strong growth. Using the resources below will enhance support of your i-Ready implementation by allowing you to plan key actions, self-assess, and refer to “lessons learned” from other experienced i-Ready educators.

Create the Plan, Calendar and Goals

Time of Year: Beginning

Outcomes: By establishing a yearly plan and assessment calendar, leaders can minimize assessment time while collecting high-impact data. Reviewing models from other successful schools and districts can help provide a more informed i-Ready implementation plan with concrete, measurable goals.


Set Metrics, Monitor, and Adjust

Time of Year: Ongoing

Outcomes: By setting metrics for your i-Ready implementation, you establish clear benchmarks for success that can be monitored and adjusted in response to data and ultimately reflected on at the completion of your year.


Establish the Right Structures and Schedules

Time of Year: Ongoing

Outcomes: By establishing the right structures, you will enable greater success on the Diagnostic and during Online Instruction. Setting schedules for assessments and Online Instruction, making sure the appropriate technology is available, and creating time for teachers to meet and collaborate will create the framework for a successful implementation throughout the year.


Communicate to Foster the Right Culture

Time of Year: Beginning, Ongoing

Outcomes: Communicate with stakeholders to foster a collaborative culture of data. By communicating expectations and best practices at the beginning of the year, leaders can make sure that staff and students are prepared to use i-Ready and are aligned around common goals. By maintaining communication on developing successful strategies, using data, and supporting student growth, you can reinforce a system of support and make progress toward goals.


Use Data for Decision-Making

Time of Year: Ongoing

Outcomes: Reviewing data on an ongoing basis allows you to make decisions about resource allocation, understand how best to support all students, and determine how to evaluate instructional effectiveness. Data analysis immediately after the Diagnostic and throughout Online Instruction can provide deeper insight into what is working and where there are opportunities for improvement.


Provide the Right Support

Time of Year: Ongoing

Outcomes: By providing the right support for your staff, you can help reinforce and expand knowledge of best practices when using i-Ready. Facilitating collaborative planning sessions, providing professional development opportunities, coaching teachers, and sharing resources helps you to continue developing a culture that is collaborative, data-driven, and growth-centered.


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