Learning Games

What are Learning Games and how do they benefit students?

i-Ready’s interactive Learning Games are a fun and engaging way for students to strengthen understanding of mathematical concepts, improve fluency, and foster a positive relationship to challenge in the context of challenging standards. Based on educator feedback, Learning Games have been incorporated into i-Ready to provide mathematics fluency and skills practice that fosters internal motivation while encouraging productive struggle.

Read the strategies below for ways you can help your students get the most out of i‑Ready Learning Games.

For everything you need to know about Learning Games, download the Learning Games Educator Guide.

Watch this Learning Games Overview Video to see how teachers and students have benefited from using our Learning Games.

Learn about the games.

There are six Learning Games. Students have access to specific games based on their current grade level. Students start with two to three games to focus their attention and ensure quality gameplay. Additional games become available to students in later gameplay sessions. Within each game, students can choose from levels made available based on their most recent Diagnostic performance.

See below for the game focus and games available for each grade.

Meet the games.

Find out more about what each game has to offer.

These videos are intended for educators; we encourage students to learn how to play from the games themselves.

Log in to i-Ready to see the Learning Games for yourself.

We encourage you to explore the games by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your i-Ready educator dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Reports. Select “Online Instruction” as your report category.
  3. You’ll see the Learning Games tile. Select “Go.”
  4. On your Learning Games teacher home screen, select “Play Games.” This will lead you to a page where you can demo the six available Learning Games.

Think about how Learning Games will fit into your school or classroom.

We encourage students to play the games for roughly 20 minutes per week, or more at the discretion of educators or families, to give them time to explore and take advantage of everything the games have to offer.

Learning Games should be used to supplement, not replace, existing mathematics instruction, including i‑Ready Online Instruction.

Consider the following options for Learning Games Playtime:

  • Independent Math Centers or rotation stations during regular class time
  • Before- and after-school program activities
  • Homework or weekend enrichment if computers or iPads® with internet access are available in students’ homes
  • Whenever students have free, unstructured time with internet-ready devices

All i-Ready administrators and teachers have access to Learning Games Playtime, Skills Progress, and Factors of Learning reports, which can be used to check in on student activity and progress in the games. See the “Reports Overview” section of the Learning Games Educator Guide for details.

Review the following resources to get started with Learning Games in your classroom:

iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

Engage your school community.

For Leaders

Use the following resources to communicate Learning Games expectations and goals to your staff:

For Teachers

Get your students into the games by following these steps:

  • Let students know where to find the games. Learning Games will be accessible to students whenever i‑Ready Mathematics Online Instruction is available.
  • When students begin a scheduled technology session, let them know whether they should select an i‑Ready online lesson, i‑Ready Learning Games, or have freedom to choose for themselves.
  • If using the games to focus on specific skills, also tell students which game(s) they should select and why.
  • If assigning Learning Games as homework, communicate to families how students can access the games at home, how long students should spend on gameplay, and which game(s) to focus on. Use our Family Letter for important details to share with families.
  • Learning Games Family Communication Template
  • (Español) Learning Games Family Communication Template

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