Logging in at the Beginning of Kindergarten

Most Kindergarten children will need support logging in at the start of the year. Here are a few tips shared by educators about how they have supported their children during the first few months of the school year.

  1. Keep It Simple
    Secure user names and passwords are important. But work with your school or district to see if they can assign your Kindergarten children simpler credentials. For example, you might ask an administrator to change any usernames for long or hard-to-type last names.
  2. Collaborate with Other Teachers
    Ask other staff members to help your Kindergarten children log in. Some educators recruit other teachers, aides, coaches, or technology specialists to be present when children are logging in.
  3. Log in One Group of Children at a Time
    If you are using a computer lab, bring in one small group of children at a time and have the adults log them in directly. Once the first children are logged in, bring in the next group.
  4. Ask Older Kids to Help Younger Kids
    Some schools schedule i-Ready time so there is always a group of older kids in the computer lab before the Kindergarten children come in. The Kindergarten children always sit at the same computer and each of the older students logs in “their buddy” before they leave.

Are you ready to teach children to log in independently? Read more.

Note: The “K–1 Card Login” Option

Since using a username and password can be challenging for our youngest learners, we provide an alternative login method to save time and simplify logging in. We call this the “K–1 Card” login. Once it’s enabled by the administrator who manages your i-Ready account, teachers use a button on their dashboard to print out and distribute K–1 Cards to each student in class. Contact your Account Manager or read the K–1 Login Overview for more information.


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