FAQ: Why could percent of lessons passed on i-Ready Online Instruction decline and what can I do?

Throughout the school year, teachers and leaders may find that percent of lessons passed on i-Ready Online Instruction decreases.
There are a few reasons why this might occur, and here are some suggestions for teachers on how to intervene.


What could be contributing to lower percent of lessons passed?

 Students are less engaged as they complete their lessons:


        Stamina and engagement are decreasing:
        It is later in the school year.

        Students are rushing through lessons:
        Instead of trying their best, they are quickly clicking through lessons and quizzes.

        Classroom incentives are not as attractive:
        They are no longer as exciting to students, or students have gotten the reward and lost interest in receiving the same reward.


 The lesson content is becoming more difficult: 


        Students are seeing content that has not been taught yet:  
        • The content is no longer review of what students have already seen.
        • The lessons contain new content.
        • High-achieving students are seeing more challenging content for the first time.
        • The standards in lessons appear later in the teacher’s scope and sequence in the year, etc.

        Student overuse may have led to reaching content that is too far above grade level:
        • Student has been spending more than the recommended 45 minutes a week working on Online Instruction lessons.
        • A first grade student has worked through all first grade lessons, etc.


What can I do about it?

 Monitor Online Instruction weekly: 

        You should monitor instruction, particularly as lessons become more difficult.

        a. Examine Student Lesson Alerts to identify when a student begins/continues to fail lessons.

        b. Look at the Class Online Instruction report to identify if lower percent of lessons passed is a classwide trend, 
             a trend within a group of students, or an individual student concern.

 Plan next steps to support students: 

        Once you identify which student(s) are having lower percents of lessons passed, plan out the best actions to take. You can use
        the suggestions in the following chart.




Among all or most of the class 


        Observe student actions during i-Ready Online Instruction. Are they:
        • Logging in and starting lessons immediately?
        • Keeping their eyes on their own screen?
        • Showing their work on scrap paper?
        • Working throughout the entire i-Ready Online Instruction time?
        • Asking for help when stuck?

        Reestablish classwide i-Ready expectations to reengage the class. 
        • Reinvest students by reminding them why i-Ready is used in the classroom, e.g.:
            – To help teach them what they don’t know.
            – To prepare for upcoming assessments.
            – To provide individual lessons to each student, etc.

        • Reset expectations for behaviors while working on online lessons.
            – Provide an incentive system for meeting computer expectations.
            – Provide clear consequences for students who do not meet computer expectations. 
      – Have students sign an i-Ready pledge.
            – Brainstorm computer expectations with the class and create a poster.
            – Rearrange seating to reduce distractions for students.

        • Create a new classroom incentive. 
            – Set goals on percent of lessons passed or lessons completed.
            – Provide rewards for lessons passed.
            – Provide smaller incentives for incremental progress.

        Communicate with families. See how.
        • Meet with, call, or email families to discuss their child’s progress, explain any concerns, and plan next steps.
        • Send home progress report/use Online Instruction home tracker and suggest families encourage their child.
        • Communicate about broader purpose/benefit of i-Ready Online Instruction and how it can help increase                             achievement.

Among a group
of students 

        Use Student Online Instruction reports to identify trends of skills they have missed.
        • Group students who are struggling with the same content and instruct them using Tools for Instruction or other               resources within Toolbox on that skill.
        • Examine skills they’ve failed and identify the underlying skills they may need to master. Use teacher-led direct                   instruction or assign extra lessons on these underlying skills to fill knowledge gaps. 

For an individual student 


        Check the student Online Instruction report to see what level of lesson the student is working on.

        If the student is working on lessons that are more than one grade level above their chronological grade level: 
        Have them do other extension activities to deepen their understanding of on-grade level skills during 
Online Instruction time.

        If the student is working on lessons within or below their grade level but is failing multiple lessons
        and domains have been shut off: 
        • Identify the skills the student has failed and provide teacher-led direct instruction. 
        • Examine skills the student has failed and identify the prerequisite skills they may need to master. Use teacher-                  led direct instruction or assign extra lessons on these prerequisite skills to fill knowledge gaps. 
        • Provide resources students can use during Online Instruction so they can help themselves (e.g., paper for them                 to work on their calculations, a hundreds chart, a fraction number line).

        If the student has shown understanding of the content, but lacks engagement and/or motivation, you can hold                individual conferences with them: 
        • If a student seems to be rushing through lessons or not fully applying him/herself, conference with the student                 to encourage the student to take his or her time and try his or her best on i-Ready Online Instruction, or engage                 the student in setting goals. You can: 
               – Use the During Online Instruction Data Chat protocol and worksheet.
               – Set smaller goals (e.g., work for 20 minutes at a time, establish a pass rate goal, etc.).
               – Check in with the student throughout i-Ready Online Instruction time (e.g. every five minutes to give a high-                          five, every ten minutes to see progress on lessons).

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