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Use Online Work Logs

Noemi Macias-Mora, an educator in California, encourages her students to use Work Logs. She explains, "I learned that the students who took notes as expected had higher passing percentages over the ones who were passive with their online i-Ready learning. After I reflected, I realized my students needed me to be more clear about my expectations, so I created this log. I print this log on blue paper, and my students know exactly what they need to do when they visit the lab. It also helps my students to be metacognitively aware of learning objectives or targets, which helps keep them focused. My students in middle school know they have to complete a lesson each time they visit the lab, and when they conference with me I share a report on their performance. For next time, I plan to create a folder where my students will keep their blue logs, so that when they meet with me they can present it during our conference. At this point I am hoping we can reflect on their learning and progress so they can set goals. Since this is my first year using i-Ready, I am trying to create a system that works for our demographics. I teach ELD/ELA Levels 1, 2, and 3, plus Honors ELA and Traditional ELA, and I am finding out that this online log is, so far, working for all levels. My honors students will have to use various boxes just for one lesson, but it also works for them. I can't wait to administer our next reading test to see if my system helps with accountability."

Noemi Macias-Mora
Teacher, California


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Student Online Instruction Lesson Logs (PDF)

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